Friday, 18 April 2014

My kitchen and my tools

I don't know if many people actually write posts about their kitchen utensils, but i do. I am very happy to have them. I bought my first Le Creuset casserole on my credit card and use "her" everyday. I also use a Magi Mix Food processor - i feel like I can almost fly with it! And last but not least, the Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer I use at work - one day I would like to have my own.
If a musician talks about their instruments why shouldn't i talk about my cooking utensils? If it wasn't for the Artisan Mixer I would have never ever made bread in my life! No way, i don't have the strength to kneed dough... 
These are my "Guitars" and i love them. They allow me to follow my imagination... faster... 

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