Friday, 18 April 2014

Chestnut and Chocolate cake

Well... how do I start... I was asked to make this cake yesterday... it sounded great until I read the recipe ... DRY WHITE WINE?????? Why was i so surprised? In Portugal we eat "Salame de Chcocolate com Vinho do Porto" which is chocolate cake with Port wine... I make chocolate and amaretto ganache... one of my favorite desserts in the world is Tramissu...i use kirch in cookies... why was i was surprised using white wine? I was, not going to lie...
I was reluctant but I made it anyway... the result was spectacular! The smell in the kitchen was to die for and i just wished I had taken a photo of the cake as it looked and tasted amazing!
I really wanted to write about this cake even though I didn't take a photo to show you. I think as a cook ( and as a human being in general) we need to be open minded. Cooking is an adventure and I
always want to feel the same way as I felt when I was 9 years old and made my first cake!
Please, I ask you, make this cake and let me know what you think  - lets use white wine in cakes! Why not?

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