Monday, 2 July 2012

Praws cooked like in Mozambique

My parents were born in Mozambique. My mum physically and my dad when he was 3 years old. They lived there while Mozambique was a Portuguese colony and left when it became independent - My dad even fought for the independence but unfortunately that didn't give him the right to stay... but that's a discussion for another post...
So my parents moved to Portugal but their hearts are eternally African.
I have never been to Africa and i am sure the day i put my feet in african soil is the day I will truly find my roots!
The food we ate at my family home was mostly african based...or lets say, Mozambique style! Lots of chicken roasts with piri piri sauce, lots of sea food and of course, lots and lots of prawns. My dad tells me that back in those days, you would go to a bar to have a beer and you were served with small shrimp cooked in beer ( and you wouldn't pay for it!!!)
Piri piri is a key ingredient and most people could grow it in their back garden. Piri piri, those who don't know, is a very small cilli but a very hot one too!
My dad still has some of this african piri piri and at christmas he marinated a huge jar for me  as a present, i still have some even though I use one in pretty much every meal! You can only use one for each meal as it's extremely hot. Piri piri is great for the immune system. In winter is a great protection against colds and flues! By the way, you can order his marinated piri piri here.

One of the recipes that my parents cook over and over again is Prawns Mozambique style! It's essentially prawns cooked with the skin on, with piri piri and BEER! Yes, BEER!

The recipe goes somethings like this:
It's better to use fresh unshelled prawns but if you can only get peeled prawns from your local supermarket then that would do too.
For the marinate:
5 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped, one bay leaf, one piri piri (if you don't have piri piri then one tea spoon of chilli powder or one red chilli), juice of one medium lemon and sea salt to taste.
Leave it to marinate for 10 minutes and mixing it thoroughly.
In  a pan or a woke, a splash of olive oil and once it's hot put the prawns in. When the prawns start turning orange  - which means they are starting to get cooked-  add half a pint of beer. Let it cook for 3 minutes (or until all prawns are orange) and it's done!
Add french fries or white rice to the prawns or just simply a tomato salad would be lovely too. My dad does a very simple dressing, just sea salt and (good quality portuguese) olive oil. Let it set for about 10 minutes and you have a very juice tomato salad. Very simple and fresh! Enjoy your meal!

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