Friday, 10 August 2012

Quick Pasta with garlic and black olives - Gluten free

This one is a very very quick, easy, healthy and cheap meal and it brings JOY to the world!
Boil the pasta separately in salty water.  On a frying pan, put a splash of olive oil. Once the oil is hot, take it out of the hob, and add 2 crushed garlic cloves. Let it fry in the hot oil but don't bring back to the fire just yet as it will burn the garlic (and we don't want that!). Add about 4 table spoons of Passata or tomato pulp. If you think it's a little pail, then add a little bit more. Add a hand full of olives - I used black portuguese olives I bought at "Lisboa" supermarket. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper. I like adding a red chili, but if you don't like it spicy, just add the pepper.

Once the past is boiled mix it with the sauce. Chop a hand full of parsley which gives it a very fresh and Summer taste. Enjoy!

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