Monday, 28 July 2014

Kale soup "Caldo Verde" - Gluten Free

This is a very traditional portuguese soup called "Caldo Verde" meaning "green soup". 
I have a very nostalgic feeling whenever I make this soup... it reminds me of being a teenager, going clubbing all night and having a bowl of Caldo Verde from a small tavern that existed by the train station, just before the first train arrived.
It's very nutritious and totally delicious! If you're vegetarian/vegan, add a pinch of sweet parika to it which simulates the taste of the chorizo.
In Portugal this soup is made with "portuguese cabbage" but, since we don't have it in London, I make it with kale instead! I also add courgette to make the broth lighter than the traditional way.


1 medium potato
1 large courgette
1 medium onion
250 gr shredded Kale
a few slices of chorizo or a pinch of sweet paprika
2 tbs olive oil
Salt to taste
2 pints of water

Peel and chop into cubes the potato, courgette and onion. Add the water, salt and olive oil too. Bring to  boil and cook for 30 minutes on a medium heat. Blend all ingredients creating a smooth broth and add the chorizo or paprika as well as the kale. Cook for 8 minutes and you're ready to serve!

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