Monday, 16 June 2014

Raspberry macaroons - Gluten Free

Behold! My first ever raspberry macaroons! 
For me cooking is a big adventure sometimes like going hiking. Sometimes you want to do the more difficult paths. I want to get out of my comfort zone and try to make "difficult" recipes, or things that "scare" me in the kitchen - making macaroons was one of those.
In London macaroons are so popular, and there are shops specialised only in macaroons... I would stare at these perfect macaroons and think " that's impossible! i can't make these"! But last saturday I decided to challenge myself and try something out of my comfort zone.
I picked the recipe from "The great British Book of baking" and my macaroons weren't bad at all!
If I was going to make them again, there would be a few things I would advise you on; use white caster sugar instead of golden caster  - white sugar is thinner and makes the macaroons lighter. And make sure  the ground almonds are very thin too to make the macaroons smoother.
These are a few details I wanted to share with you. Over all, i was happy with my macaroons, they were surely very tasty! I guess it's more about getting yourself to do things that scare you first... sometimes you will find out that actually, you can do them... yes they weren't perfect, but that's the beauty about baking... you eat them, then you make them again...better!
Watch this space for an update on my macaroons!
my beautiful friend Emily surely enjoyed the macaroons! they even matched the colour of her dress! 

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