Thursday, 11 April 2013

Chocolate Cake with Amaretto Ganache

As I continue my conquest of the cook book collection, i had to make a chocolate cake! And who's best when it comes to decadent, gorgeous, soulful cakes? Of course it had to be a recipe from Nigella!
I made one of her chocolate cake recipes from " How to be a kitchen goddess" cook book.
This recipe didn't have a topping and if I'm going to bake a naughty chocolate cake, i have to go all the way. So i started making a classic chocolate topping melting 150gr of ( good quality) dark chocolate (70%) with 150gr of double cream... all was well but i wanted my cake to be spectacular!
I looked in the cupboard and found flaked almonds... okay, chocolate and almonds it is... but this was too simple... looked in the cupboard again... hmmmm.... amaretto liqueur! So added 2 caps of it to my mixture... hmmmm.... yum... still the chocolate flavor was not as "almondey" as i wanted... cupboard again... and i found a very good almond extract from New Zealand and added a cap... wow! Now THIS was spectacular! This is the result! It's to eat and cry for more!
(Photos by Allison Stenberg)

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