Saturday, 27 October 2012

Meatballs with extra balls - Gluten Free

Hello everyone! This recipe will B-LOW your mind! Or your taste buds!Get 6 fresh sausages and squeeze the meat out. I used pork and apple but if you can't find these, just get plain ones and i will show you a couple of tricks. First one, crush a couple of garlic cloves, bit of pepper, bit of salt, and a tiny sprinkle of...CINNAMON! yes cinnamon!
Roll the meat into balls and fry for a few minutes in olive oil.
Once the meatballs are slightly browned, add half a chopped leek... fry for a couple of minutes and pour half a glass of red wine. I used Merlot as it's quite fruity and it brings sweetness to the sauce.
 Now add a couple of spoons of tomato puree and half a glass of tomato pulp. Add some basil, oregano and thyme to the mixture and half a cup of water - do no use stock!No need for a lid, let it cook in a medium heat and 10 minutes in, chop a hand full of fresh coriander and let it cook for another 5 minutes.
I like my meatballs with pasta but you can have them with rice, lentils or chips. If you're feeling frisky add some fresh chilli. Have yourself the best meal ever! YUM!

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