Monday, 2 April 2012

Help comes when you need it most

Life is all about changes and I am definitely one to talk about them in the first person.
My new life is starting and it's so refreshing! Food has never been so exciting and I'm seeing opportunities in every corner! I am determined to feed you all!
I come from a family of designers and this means i have a great big imagination, however, i can't put into practice every idea myself;  that's when i call on my other half - my sister. We think the same, we feel the same things; i can do the things she can't and vice versa.
My sister is the most important person on earth My sister will always put my feet firmly on the ground when necessarily and will always spread my wings when i need to fly. She's a great supporter of Raquel's Homemade and she's done the new design of my blog! I have a great team behind me! GO TEAM SWALLOWS!

(Painting by my dad entiteled "Family")


  1. Most important, your sister is a big eater of your work :D

  2. my sister likes eating my work... lol... seems like something out of Monsters Inc.! LOL

  3. Nice blog design. Keep up the good work

  4. Have you noticed the number of views?!?

    (tou a arranjar-te as asas pá, 'tá quieta, não te mexas, olhás penas aqui todas tortas. E calça os pés de pato. Ssalta já pró palco, não sejas piegas!)