Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hello from the other side!

Hello all!

I just realised my last post was in may 2015! I am so sorry for not being around but I have been rather busy in my latest adventure! I am currently studying Montessori Pedagogy Early Years - 0-7! It has been a great challenge so far but I am loving absorbing all this new knowledge!

My baking and cooking has been limited/basic lately as I do no have much spare time between my full time job as a nanny and course work. However I am keeping the blog opened so you can have a look at my recipes and also check my Instagram pages where I have been posting snaps of my new adventure in education.

To help my brain work, I have been trying a lot of Deliciously Ella's recipes which I absolutely adore!
Also Nigella's new book "Simply Nigella" is just brilliant and I have been cooking a lot of her recipes ( please try the corn flake chicken and the oat pancakes!!!).
I will have a small break from college soon and I am hoping to lock myself in the kitchen and just cook!
Until then, enjoy good tasty food!

Lots of love,

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