Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Posh eggs - burford-browns

The first time i had Burford brown eggs was at my friends Claudine and Jon's house. We had them scrambled and i totally fell in love with their rich flavor. Went to the supermarket and had to think twice as they were 90p more expensive than my usual free range eggs from Sainsbury's... hence the name "posh eggs"!
I bought them anyway thinking i was going to recreate Claudine's amazing scrambled eggs. Now I can't go back! My old free range eggs are tasteless when compared!
This weekend I baked a lemon drizzle cake using my posh eggs... OH DEAR GOD! They make the fluffiest and lightest cakes! I can only compare these with the eggs from my friend T├ónia in Portugal  - she has a few hens on her back garden and they eat grass and corn and have a very happy life!

Seriously, try these! Good eggs make the difference!

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