Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Chocolate and olive oil cake - Gluten Free

Photo by Allison Stenberg

My friend is suffering from really bad echzema so she decided to go on a gluten free diet as she was told this might help calming it down. Making such a drastic change in your diet can make you feel down after a while - it can be quite overwhelming as from the moment you start your gluten free diet, you can easily become almost paranoid with anything you eat. I can speak for myself as I tried it in the past ... worry not! Vegetables and fruit don't contain gluten (YET!!!). Certain wines have gluten so be aware. I am supporting my friend, so i will do a gluten free diet too! See how it works! Certainly reducing my gluten intake might help with my digestion - watch this space!
For now, this is a good start!
Recipe here

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